My dog pulled my shoulder out but I was able to heal myself thanks to local SEO

Guillermo Gascón

**You recently moved to a new city. **

*No, wait, we're going to make it more extreme. *

**You have moved to a new country and are already settled in what will be your home for the next few years. **

You've started to establish your routines and that's cool. The one who is having the hardest time to adapt is the dog, but it has always been one of making few friends, it actually has bad fleas.

As a freak out, one of the first 10 tasks you did when you arrived was to sign up for your nearest CrossFit to continue training and continue freaking out.

**As you enjoy, life is wonderful. **

But... (there always has to be a problem) it turns out that walking the dog just before going to train, the animal, which is cruder than an infusion of striped bread, pulls out a pull that almost pulls out your shoulder.

**Phew, that hurts. **

It hurts so much that you need a physio.

And where do you now get a trusted physical therapist?

**Well, from Google, there's no other choice. **

The confidence that your local business will appear on Google

When our circle of trust, our family and friends are no longer able to advise us on a decision, we begin to advise ourselves externally.

This is something that has surely happened to you when you needed to hire any local service.

  • **I need to hire a dentist. **
  • **I need an attorney. **
  • **A speech therapist for the child. **
  • **A physical therapist for my shoulder. **

And what is your oracle to which you ask any topic and always answers you well?

**Google, our trusted digital “friend”. **

If you have a local business you have to be on Google

The search results are increasingly complete and precise in the face of the searches we do.

The search engine's ability to interpret your needs is very powerful and is getting better every day thanks to its AI.

No one is surprised because when you do a generic search such as “physiotherapist nearby” the search results offer you services close to your position.

If you need a physio, you can tell that you are not going to travel hundreds of kilometers to give yourself a massage. Google isn't that it's a genius, but it's able to ** [identify the search intentions of users] (/search-intention/) ** by detecting all kinds of patterns that refer to local results.

The configuration of the search results in response to a request such as the one I have given you as an example is as follows:


As in all searches that may have a certain transactional connotation (we talked about this in the search intent post that I linked to in the previous paragraph), we see companies bidding to appear in the Google Ads blocks.

Top paid local results on Google for the search for 'physiotherapists near me'

If you are interested in appearing in these types of results, my colleague Nagore scored a few good [tips on campaigns designed for service websites] (/campaigns-for-webs-of-services/).


This is the space most representative of local searches.

Here we compete against the rest of the establishments in our area to appear on a list of 3 winners and occupy a pointer of those that appear on the map.

Result in the 'Local Pack' section on Google for the search 'physiotherapists near me'

On many occasions he also joins the local pack party a paid result, but it's not something that always happens.

Appearing in this area of the results is very very interesting and generates traffic with a much higher profitability as a general rule.

Its strongest impact is on mobile traffic since users don't usually go beyond the local pack when they scroll on their devices. This is usually the decision area.

Organic results

And we finally arrived at the Google results we're used to seeing.

Obviously, these results are also prioritized by local businesses in the first place.

local organic results on Google for the search 'physiotherapists near me'

We are not going to go into reviewing the types of websites that appear because it gives us for a full delivery, but **you can see that we have directories of physiotherapy in the area and local physiotherapists. **

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is the optimization performed on web pages to allow them to be positioned among local search results: Local Pack and organic results.

Unlike other types of businesses, web positioning for local businesses requires a series of jobs that allow it to appear for those keywords that intend to find companies near the location of the person you are looking for or the area mentioned in the keyword.


Some of the key optimizations for local SEO are:

  • ** [Manage and optimize Google My Business listing] (/configuration-google-my-business/) **
  • **Have your own business website. **
  • **Get mentions and backlinks from local and thematic portals. **
  • **Perform optimal Schema data markup. **
  • **Get reviews on Google and other portals where the business is included. **
  • **Generate brand searches and keywords such as “brand + kw target” . **

This list of actions deserves a full post to explain each of them in depth.

And so far for today's content. In future installments, I will monitor the shoulder injury and will follow you revealing how local SEO works effectively.

If you need us to help you place your business among the most prominent in your region, you already know that you have a form just below to contact us.

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