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Guillermo Gascón

**Please, the first thing you need to know is that I haven't studied a career in SEO, not even a master's degree at a university with pompous acronyms. **

**I have the utmost respect for the students in these training courses, but in my case everything I know about SEO comes from direct experimentation and project management over the years. **

**If you give me a few minutes I will tell you the best SEO action you can do in your business and that no SEO will dare to say. **

It had already been 9 months.

Almost a year since one of my best friends had launched a mega-ambitious online project that intended to break with everything established in his sector.

It was an ecommerce that sold products with a tremendous range of colors and a variety of qualities that didn't exist on the internet at the time.

**I had everything to succeed. **

During those months, he had faced a multitude of expenses, together with the investments prior to the entire project. Branding, business consulting, ecommerce development, procurement...

I had done everything that was supposed to be done to launch a project of this style.

**Everything except drawing up a customer acquisition plan. **

When you're in those initial stages of setting up a project, building the business model, designing the brand, creating ecommerce... thinking about how you'll attract customers usually seems like a minor problem.

A problem of the future.

They tell you, "don't worry, it's not that complicated, you invest in advertising at first and then the business grows and the visitors come in almost directly"

Of course, yes yes, a few euros in advertising and that's it.

**Well no. **

My friend ate the money he had saved to start the project in a matter of 3-4 months.

It started with a girl who helped him manage the portal, orders and support... who he had to lay off in a matter of weeks.

After 3 months, he left the coworking where he was to start working from home and saving.

On the 5th month, he decided that in August he would not go on vacation with his girlfriend because... **I needed to be able to pull more savings and keep fighting.

Meanwhile, orders weren't coming in.

People weren't coming in.

The advertising campaigns that were going to fill the site with buyers barely had a return and less and less budget was being put into them. What a remedy, it was almost two candles away.

All his life working and saving to launch his project and in 5-6 months his account was practically zero and a company in his hands that was a machine for creating debt.

In those first six months, the website was unable to capture more than 50 visits of organic traffic.

The portal was riddled with optimization and technical irregularities that prevented Google from understanding the project.

**An SEO disaster. That website was impractical. **

I asked him to let me help him and we began to make adjustments as far as possible.

The web programmers no longer supported it and the IT bills were astronomical, and the portal almost had to be redone in many ways.

We began to work on the main technical errors, add optimized content, carry out campaigns with thematic blogs using [link building strategies] (/link-building/ strategy) and moving the brand a little.

In a matter of 2 months we had started to see the first heartbeats in this almost defunct project. Traffic was starting to come in through Google and orders were a trickle that was starting to become frequent.

I would like to continue this story by saying that little by little the project grew and is now a leading portal in the sector, but that is not the case.

**The expenses had been so high, the pressure and wear and tear so hard in those months that my friend decided to put an end to the venture. **

It was a tremendous blow. I didn't arrive with the solution in time.

Many people think that SEO work begins when the portal is already up and running, when the project is published.

Nothing could be further from reality.

SEO work starts much earlier, together with the creation of the web structure and always hand in hand with the development part so that each technical implementation is friendly to Google.

And they continue over time to continue to fight for rankings in Google search results.

If I had been able to help my colleague from the start, I'm sure the project would have had a very different path, but the situation didn't work out.

**Put yourself in the hands of SEO professionals if you want to avoid this type of desert crossing. Don't leave it for later. **

And now I'm going to give you the most important SEO action you can do for your business.

**Put your time and skills into improving your product or service. **


Make it the best in the market, in every possible area.

We will take care of bringing people to your website so that they can enjoy what you offer.

**Investing in SEO is investing in the future of your project. Without a doubt, one of the jobs that will save you the most money over the years. **

  • The conversion of traffic that comes from Google is always much more interesting. We are talking about people who have searched for some reason and have selected you as an answer. Don't you see the interesting connection that occurs in this process?
  • Attract customers to your local business as well. SEO is incredible even for local businesses. When was the last time you searched for a local service on Google and didn't end up hiring it?
  • Peace of mind and stability. Every piece of content you manage to position on Google is a potential anchor that brings you visits and potential sales or contacts. Believe me, when you have many of these anchors working properly, your peace of mind is guaranteed.
  • ** Do you know that SEO can save your social media budget? ** Capturing users in your content and turning them into followers of your networks is something very common and that happens almost indirectly.
  • There are many things we don't know, but what we can know is how many people access your website from Google, how many hire you and how the positioning of your portal evolves. Everything can be measured and evaluated in SEO. Can you say the same for other strategies?
  • Every euro you place at the service of your website's SEO will be constantly generating return. Avoiding problems like the ones I have told you about, but also making the project grow progressively and steadily.
  • Appearing in well-positioned search results is synonymous with credibility, of work, in short, of trust.

**By the way, SEO work can be adapted to each project and there is room for all sectors and types of business. **

  • Generate mentions and appearances in other media. SEO is a very important lever that attributes authority** in a certain area and that can generate contacts, mentions and appearances as an expert in the sector you are in. Who better to interview about a certain topic than someone who has a lot of answers online?
  • A good SEO job guarantees you constant visits, without being at the mercy of your competitors' budget to invest in ads. If you are well positioned, it will be something that remains consistent in high or low season.
  • Not investing in SEO usually means that you don't look at important details. Have you seen a website that loads slowly, that works poorly on mobile? These are important issues that Google focuses on.
  • What happened to the customer who came with paid campaigns for us to do SEO? Well, he was able to optimize his budget and grow in an unthinkable way.
  • With SEO we can capture traffic of all types of temperatures. From your most distant customers, those who know practically nothing about your product or service, to those who are looking for just the solution you offer.
  • You work on social networks, email marketing, Google Ads campaigns... it doesn't matter, SEO will always be an allie to all of them.
  • It's definitely a competitive advantage for your business. Can you imagine starting to use a tool to get customers that your competitors don't know about? Can you imagine that they do SEO and you don't?
  • Can you imagine having someone hired to be around the clock contacting interested people and explaining your business? That's what you get with SEO. Your website becomes your best commercial.

And you'll ask yourself, *** is SEO something that I could incorporate into my strategy right now regardless of the state of my project? ***

**Absolutely. The sooner you start to incorporate SEO concepts into your project, the sooner you'll avoid problems and benefit from all their improvements.

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